VE & VF XAIR Cannon Big Bore Rear Mufflers

  • VE Wagon
  • VE Sedan
  • VF Sedan
  • VE Ute
  • VE Ute

Twin 3" Aftermarket Rear Mufflers for VE & VF Sedan, Wagon & Ute

Model Price:
VE Sedan & Wagon Twin 3" Cannon Rear Muffler Set, Black $995.00
VE Ute Twin 3" Cannon Rear Muffler Set, Black $995.00
VF Sedan & Wagon Twin 3" Cannon Rear Muffler Set, Black $950.00
VF Ute Twin 3" Cannon Rear Muffler Set, Black $950.00
Fit XAIR Cannon Rear Mufflers $230.00
HSV E2/E3 Twin 3" Cannon Rear Muffler Set, Black $1,080.00
HSV Gen F Twin 3" Cannon Rear Muffler Set suits HSV Bumper Tip, Black $1,080.00
Region Description Freight Rural Delivery
Auckland Auckland Region $55.00 + $20.00
Whangarei / Hamilton Up to Whangarei / Down to Hamilton $95.00 + $30.00
North Island Rest of North Island $125.00 + $30.00
Christchurch Christchurch Region $180.00 + $30.00
South Island Rest of South Island $265.00 + $30.00


Flanged 3" Pipe Cannon Free Flow Rear Mufflers and Twin 90mm Exhaust Tips.

Developed by us in house these are the Rear Mufflers that we use in our Full Twin 3" XAIR Ultimate Exhaust Systems for VE & VF Sedan, Wagon & Ute.

VE & VF Holden V8's have a very restrictive and quiet Exhaust System from Factory. Testing has shown that the Large Rectangular Factory Rear Mufflers contribute to a big part of this. If you're on a budget and all you're wanting is a bit of extra noise and power give your VE or VF the deep V8 sound it deserves by changing out the Rear Mufflers to these Cannon Mufflers. They also look great on the car with the Huge Twin 90mm Stainless Tips.

Much cheaper and easier/faster to install than going to a full big bore cat back exhaust system. Worth up to an additional 10kw of power on a standard car the XAIR Cannon Rear Mufflers have been designed to bolt directly to the factory Exhaust Flanges on all VE V6 & V8. In stock to suit VE Sedan and Wagon. Custom Made to suit VE Ute. Also available to fit all VF V8 models but these are custom fitted to each vehicle as VF Factory Rear Mufflers do not have a Standard Flange (we need your car at our workshop for this)

Note : Get the most out of your VE/VF V8 Sedan, Wagon or Ute by combining these Mufflers with XAIR OTR Intake & ECU Tune (see Power Packages).