Client Testimonials

100% Positive Trademe feedback, here's just a glimpse of some our happy customers' comments!

Adam, thanks for the work on my SS commodore It is not noisy inside ,but sounds awesome outside and goes awesome! I appreciate the work Clint has done. Regards Dave Morrell

Dave VE SS Stage 6

Happy as with the Holden Adam appreciate that. Definitely a new driving experience! Will be in contact soon hopefully to do some work. Jack

Jack 2018 VF2 SSV Redline Stage 7 + Stage 1 Lowering

Hi Adam, Just wanted to drop you a quick email letting you know that the service you and your team provided was excellent and I really appreciate the urgency on getting my car repaired due to unforeseen family emergency. You and Aidan were great to deal with and I will definitely come back and recommend X-Air to my family and friends. Please pass on my thanks to the team. Cheers Ash

Ash VE HSV R8 Clubsport Diff Replacement

Hi Adam impressed with my R8 mate. Sounds and drives like a dream come true. Thanks Ron

Ron HSV VY2 R8 Manual Stage 6

Big thanks to Adam,Clint and the team at X Air performance in pukekohe for the amazing work done on my HSV Senator , still pretty blown away on the power its got now . Really appreciate it , and love it ,been a thought for over a year ,but finally got what I wanted . Thankyou!


Thank you Adam and your amazing team for the great work you did on my car. You guys are truly the best and very professional at what you do. Great work team!

Jade E1 HSV LS3 R8 STAGE 5

Hi Adam, thanks for the work done on the Holden sounds mean and drives nice. Wheels and guards top notch, customer for life.

Adam VF2 SSV Redline Stage 7 + Stage 2 Lower + Camaro Wheels

Hi Adam, Just a quick email to say thanks for all your help with the car. Tracey and I have really appreciated your efforts during the lockdown period to get the cam upgrade done. The car goes and sounds great. Wayne did an awesome job tuning it up. Slight lumpiness with next to no push (understated which is perfect). Again thanks for all your help so far it been awesome! Thanks Ross

Ross VF SSV Redline Stage 7

HI Adam, Just wanted to say a big thanks, the vehicle has never felt so good she's a rocket. One very happy customer........ Thanks again Kind regards Bryan

Bryan E1 HSV GTS Stage 3

Hi Adam Thank you for the pictures and for working on my car. It sounds amazing. A very happy customer. You have an excellent customer service as well. Thanks once again! Zubi

Zubi VF2 SSV Redline Stage 2

Good morning Adam hope you had a great long weekend. I still haven't taken the school boy smile of my face since picking up my car from you guys. Your advice and direction on the pacemaker system was spot on and you nailed it!!! The growl and bark it has means business and its just epic. Performance wise the car had a slight hesitation when accelerating before the upgrade but now its non existent. I've only really just lent on the right pedal to achieve overtaking when I've needed it in Auckland traffic,and the digits are 140ish, so I'm yet to really stomp on it. Even operating the right foot at that it's pretty rapid. All in all Adam, fantastic job and the fact of 400kw is just extra very special haha. So thank you once again for making my HSV extra special, I look forward to getting into it every morning, I just wish my 25min drive to work was longer! Cheers The smiley school boy.

Robert Gen F HSV Tourer SV340 Stage 5

Hey Adam, just a quick note to say I'm loving the power upgrade on the wagon. I got to finally unleash it a bit (out by myself)! It certainly launches and produces good power through revs and gears. Definitely turns heads on startup in carparks with the nice header noise and cam. Love the lumpy idle thanks to you and your team for a great job, have a mate who'll come and see you in the new year with a series 1 redline ute. Thanks again. Cheers Phil

Phil VF2 SSV Redline Wagon Stage 6

Hi Adam. Just like to say how happy I am with the work done on the car! Awesome friendly service and super fast completion... We get a lot of second and third looks because people can't believe the sound that a "standard" looking '07 SS makes. That idle is deadly! Thanks a lot XAIR, one pretty happy customer here! Carl

Carl VE SS Stage 7

Hi Adam .. OTR is in . Took my Ute out today . I can say friggin mint as . Can notice the difference down low and when ya give it some shoe in 3rd or 4th it's more noticeable from the old air box . Can't wait for the exhaust to arrive .. cheers adam

Gavin VE Ute

Home and happy. Different car. So good. Napier Taupo Road was an absolute hoot. Shocks ,Springs and brakes next. Thank Clint for me. Cheers guys Regards Dave

David VY SS Stage 5

Awesome Adam, thanks heaps! Massive difference to car alright! Kids could hear it echoing up the valley, definitely a lot louder with the XAIR cannon mufflers! Dane loves his shirt, cheers will keep saving up for another visit. All the best. Vaughan

Vaughan GenF 2 GTSR Manual Stage 2

Thanks heaps mate, yeah, we've just fitted an exhaust system to it, and I have a good mate who is a dyno tuner. He's already done my cammed vy, so I have good faith that he'll be able to handle the ve. It was actually him that recommended xair to me. I have a vcm OTR on my vy, made 316rwkw. With his xair, it made 320. Hence why we are putting one on the ve.


Hey Adam just letting you know rapped with car awesome work team will definitely be back for future jobs .cheers carl

Carl VE SS Manual Stage 4

Hey Adam, The car is brilliant, crawled along the northwestern in peak hour no problems at all... making many new friends! Cheers Shane

Shane VF2 Redline - Stage 7 Cam Power Upgrade

Hi Adam . Was very impressed with the work you guys done , felt like driving a whole different car this morning . Will definitely be keen to get the cam done very soon . Thanks again .

Michael VF V8 Calais V

Hi Adam All is going really well with the car, have had absolutely no problems. Love the sound of the new exhaust, when it is cruising along the volume is fine, but put your foot down and this noise explodes from no where! Performance is on another level as well, half throttle is all you need to overtake, but bury it all the way down and it is like what the f**k, you don't need all that power but it is bloody fun to have it. Cheers Paul

Paul VF GTS LSA Stage 2

Hi Adam Thanks for the great service. Bolted the XAIR OTR kit on today and it's made a noticeable increase in performance. Very happy. Cheers Doug

Doug 2014 HSV GENF Maloo SV340

Hi Adam just a note to say that the Stage 4 upgrade on my VF1 SS was perfect and just what I wanted at this stage. It sounds like a V8 should. The boys did an excellent job! Cheers Geoff

Geoff VF1 SS

Hi team, CAI is very good thanks. Power is noticeable (more low down power and faster throttle response allows gearbox to grabs gears faster). Very happy !!!!

David Easey

Hey Adam,  Just wanted to take a moment to thankyou and your team for the great stage 7 upgrade on the Calais. The sound is amazing love that cammy idle and xtra power and I smiled all the way home.  You have a great team and I will recommend you to any LS powered vehicle owner. Cheers Steve 

Steve VF Calais Stage 7

Hi Adam can you tell your team they have done a top job on the Power upgrade on my R8. The sound is just awesome didn't think it would be that good! Didn't even listen to the radio on the way home! Thanks again Kim.

KIM GENF R8 SV340 Stage 5

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the boys Adam! So happy with the car its a beast!. I cannot get the grin off my face lol it was pretty loose last night till the tyres hooked up!

Bronson VF2 SSV Redline Stage 7

Hey Adam, very happy with the new exhaust & brakes, cheers for all your good work!

Justin VE Calais Stage 7

Morning Adam and team, I just wanted to say that I am absolutely ecstatic with the results achieved on the GENF2 LSA R8, done about 600kms since Friday and car is running perfectly, it is a completely different car, its awesome having the rocking sensation at idle and occasional backfire through the exhaust and to be fair provided the right foot is progressive on the go fast peddle it still manages to get the power down very well even with the tread bare back tyres. You have delivered exactly what you promised a car that is fast while still maintaining the drivability of the car and at a reasonable price. Cheers Zane Smith

Zane Smith

Awesome product! Really genuinely impressed with the performance of the OTR!

Dan Wright

Dear Adam Thanks for all your help new CARBON OTR is going great no problems with filter. Have done major upgrades to the GTSR and getting very good results from your OTR. Have put up info on the HSV forum. Hopefully you get good sales from it. Best Regards Brian

Brian Worth HSV GTSR

Hi Adam, just a quick note to thank you for a great transaction. Really impressed with the quality and the service. I purchased my vehicle with a VCM cai already fitted and wasn't too thrilled with the loose fitting filter. Your X-AIR design is simply better! I look forward to purchasing the infill panels in the near future. Kind regards, Pete.

pete ebay

Great service and product. I was sceptical with the 20+ kw increase claim but not so much now after a drive. Definitely worth it and a easy install. Great induction roar too and makes the auto kickdown better??

mickeya Trade Me

Hi Adam Thanks for sending my OTR. What a huge difference it makes. Sounds awesome and goes way harder! Next thing will be a Mafless tune.. Would you have any x air stickers like the one attached I could buy? I would like to put some on my car? Cheers Kerry


Hi Adam Just a short note to thank the team for the work on my car. I am really happy, great service and great sounding car. Thank you for arranging the window tints as well .... I wish other businesses had your level of customer service and ease to deal with. Regards Lachlan


Hi Alex, I'm sure XAir are the guys to realize your dream. Love what they did for my Gen F 2 HSV GTS. All at a very competitive price. Professionally carried out, with a level of customer service rarely seen in the industry. Cheers, Rick.

Rick Burrows

Easy as to deal with no problems at all thanks for the awsum trade part fitted easy as would defantly buy from again and would recomend to any1

lewis323 TRADE ME

Hi Adam I bought some Camaro Wheels off you at the V8 Supercars just wanted to say great guys great service and the right information and i like the way my car looks thanks to you and your team


A+++ Very Professional service!! And wow !! certainly notice the difference thanks for your trade! Would definitely be recommending you guys in the future!

sline2 TRADE ME

H there, Just wanted to say that i have been looking at your cars/products for last 2 years. Great deals/prices which is a credit to you. I am looking at upgrading my Commodore soon so will contact you then. Keep up the great work, you do have 'old school' Holden fans that appreciate your deals!!! Big Jim.

Big Jim

I recently fitted one of your X-Air Black Cold Air Boxes to my VZ Ute. It only took me half an hour to install and fitted perfectly. I noticed a huge difference straight away in throttle response and power especially on a hot day. The difference now in acceleration if I put my foot down at 100 kmh is unbelievable! Its only 2 weeks since I fitted it but I already got an extra 50km on the last 2 tanks of gas. I also love the gloss black look under the bonnet, gives me something to show for my money! I'm saving my pennies for the matching black radiator cover surround and will be getting one of these off you shortly


Awesome friendly trader OTR arrived quickly and a quality piece of kit I recommend these guys and will trade again with them Cheers!

Red Mike

Very quick easy trade. Would highly recommend trader and product. Instant difference in power. A+++


Awesome otr thanx guys fully happy with my invested money AAA service


Hey Adam Have had the bonnet fitted to my V6 2010 VE, looks awesome! Check out the photo! Regards Tracey


Hi Adam I just had the OTR Filter that I purchased from you recently at the V8s installed. Very happy with the performance gains. Davie Holden did the install and CTB did the tune. I have attached the dyno sheet which shows rear wheel kw. Regards Rory


Hi Adam Just received the OTR it arrived here at 830am this morning it all looks very good. Thanks again for all your help and the great service. TOP MARKS. Freddie


Hey Adam, Wow!!! I'm super impressed with what you guys have done with my VY clubby!!!! Ticks all the boxes and I'm loving the sound and those extra kw!!!!! Really awesome job and I'm one happy customer!!!! Will def try make it to the V8s and catch up with you guys!!! Cheers, Carl


Hi Adam otr fitted today and I couldn't be happier. Ute before with catback exhaust only was 290kw, otr added and all tuned 319kw, but the torque is amazing was 570nm now 630nm and a major increase in the 2250rpm to 3250rpm range where you use it the most. Amazing acceleration difference, the power is right there almost instantly instead of spooling/winding up to speed. Sounds like a v8 supercar and with the optional covers, under the bonnet looks awesome too! A happy customer. Cheers Brent


Well I finally fitted the OTRCAI last night, what a change! Great simple instructions! First test drive had amazing throttle response, much smoother acceleration and even took some drone out of my SS exhaust note at 100km/h with the increased air flow running through. Will test against my base test with the simple GPS performance meter I have over next few days but its great so far. Great product, easy install and great upgrade! Cheers Shane


Very prompt delivery, awesome product, easily fitted within half an hour thanks to your comprehensive instructions.