All Steel Weld on Flare Kit to convert any VE or VF to Widebody

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Just released - See this car at Pukekohe Supercars November 3rd to 5th!

At present we are fabricating and installing these to order. However we are gauging interest and if enough people are interested in purchasing just the Flares as a weld on kit then we will tool up and mass produce them. Please enquire if you're interested in a set for your car!

The Build - For years we've been dreaming of ways to come up with a Widebody Guard Flare Kit for VE/VF (Pontiac G8 / Chevy SS) Commodores...

There are only a few widebody kits we could find on VE/VF with most being Fibreglass, A complete new Fibreglass Front Guard could be made from scratch but the Rear Guard being part of the Body Structure not so easy... We could make some Fibreglass Flares but the problem with Fibreglass on Steel was how to attach it. We wanted to make it look factory so the Rocket Bunny style Flares attached with fasteners was out. We could bond the Fibreglass Flares to the Steel Car Body but over time with the different properties of Fibreglass and Steel expanding and contracting with heat we knew the paint would crack at the joins. The other issue with Fibreglass was how to integrate it into the rest of the car parts such as Bumpers and Sideskirts without looking like "stick on parts".

So we sat down and came up with a new plan. We wanted to beable to run the car as low as possible with much wider wheel/tyre combos both front and rear yet keep the driving characteristics that these Zeta Platform cars are renowned for. We also wanted to create a clean factory look which mean't maintaining the awesome factory pumped guard curves just on a wider scale blend this wider look into the factory Bumpers and Skirts if possible. So it soon became apparent the only way to do this was to start from scratch and make the flare kit in Steel...

So we started with a stock 2006 Black VE SSV which we fitted with our Stage 2 Lowered Suspension on the Front and Stage 1 on the back. Simon first split/cut the existing Front Guard and peeled it outwards however we soon realised the shape was not quite right.

So next Simon fabricated a complete new wider front guard section from scratch. A huge 20" x 10" Wide Camaro Z28 Wheel with 275/30/20 Tyre was fitted to the front to give us a reference point as to where the guard needed to end up. This 35p Offset aggressive Wheel/Tyre combo struggles to fit on the rear of a lowered VE/VF Commodore let alone trying to fit it on the front!

Now that we were happy with the shape if the new Wider Guard was to blend into and join the Factory Front Bumper then we needed to maintain the factory swage line flat section on the outer edge so Simon fabricated this into the Guard. The Front Bumper was left fastened at the factory points to the start of the flare but then the outer edge of the bumper was flared out by 30mm and held in place with custom brackets. The Front section of the Guard was cut and a small new section welded in to blend into the new flare and line up with the Bumper.  


Now we had the Front Guard basic shape sorted it was time to attack the Rear Guard. We wanted to run a minimum 11" Wide Rear Wheel with 295/30/20 Tyre right up to the extreme being a Custom 12" Wide Wheel with 345/25/20 Tyre! So to allow for this we bolted the Z28 10" Wide Wheel on the Rear with 50mm Spacers, it was now sitting well outside the factory guard! First Simon fabricated an oversized flare to give us an idea of the look.

Next it was time to once again make this work by blending into the factory Bumper and Side Skirt so Simon fabricated the Flat Swage section into the new Guard Flare to match the Rear Bumper. The back of the Side Skirt was pulled/flared out slightly at the bottom and resecured to meet the new Guard Lower Bulge. The SSV was then rolled outside to see what we had!

Now that we were happy with the shape it was time to go past the point of no return... cutting the Rear Guards out of the Body! We worked out how much room was needed for the tyre under full suspension travel and then cut the guard away. As you can see from the below picture it is double skinned so once Simon had cut the Guard out there was a small gap between the two skins. This worked out well as Clint then heated and rolled the inner skin up and outwards to meet the outer skin. Now there was no Factory Guard for the Tyre to hit Clint also installed the Stage 2 Lower Rear Spring to bring the Rear down to match the front height and level the car out.


Now Simon Seam Welded the two skins back together to recreate the original strength of the Rear Quarter. Just like the Front Bumper the Rear Bumper was also flared out at the edge and held in the desired position with custom brackets. Simon then finished fabricating the new Rear Guards complete with instep like the Factory Guard has for even more strength and they were welded in place.

Now the back was done it was time to finish the Front Guard to the same standard.


Simon then bent up a solid Wire Buck of the shape of the newFront and Rear Guards so he could get about to creating mirror looking Guards on the right hand side of the car!

Everyone got pretty excited when we had a brand new set of Varo 20" Concave Staggered Satin Wheels arrived at the shop for this project. The Rear Wheels were a massive 11" Wide and we wanted to go with as bigger tyre as possible in Rolling Diameter so fitted up Pirelli P Zeros in 275/30/20 Front and Gigantic 305/30/20 Rear with custom White Tyre Lettering!

The moment everyone had all been waiting for arrived, we bolted on the new wheels and drove the Car outside...

Now that we were happy with the shape and fitment we 3D Scanned the new complete Widebody Panels as well as stock VE Guards so we could build the Flares in CAD as a separate part with the view to tooling up to mass produce the flares in the future.

VE Widebody is super aggressive compared to the new XAIR Redline which itself is slammed on 22's!

Now off to the Paint Shop!

Prep then Paint with the aim to get a Factory Finish look!

Factory 19" SSV Wheels/Tyres to give you an idea of how far the new flared panels come out...

All paintedm and fitted up with 20x10 - 275/30/20 and 20 x 11 - 305/30/20 Wheels/Tyres