LS Engine XAIR Spec Custom Grind Camshaft & Valve Spring Set

Aftermarket Cam and Dual Valve Spring Set for Auto and Manual 5.7, 6.0, 6.2 LS Engines

Model Price:
XAIR Custom Grind Cam Set $2,179.00
Installation LS1, LS2, L98, LS3 $1,912.00
Installation L76, L77, L99 with AFM (Active Fuel Management) $2,372.00
AFM (Active Fuel Management) Delete Kit $1,540.00
Holden/HSV/Camaro full Dyno Cam Tune Maf In or Mafless $1,199.00
HSV VZ only full Dyno Cam Tune MAFLESS $1,399.00
Region Description Freight Rural Delivery
Auckland Auckland Region $8.00 + $10.00
Whangarei / Hamilton Up to Whangarei / Down to Hamilton $14.00 + $10.00
North Island Rest of North Island $18.00 + $10.00
Christchurch Christchurch Region $30.00 + $10.00
South Island Rest of South Island $30.00 + $10.00


Manufactured by one of the largest Camshaft producers in Australia to our specification this is the ultimate allround Cam for your LS Powered Street Commodore or Camaro.

We've installed this cam in lots of V8 Commodores and it has proven suitable for Auto and Manual 5.7 LS1, 6.0 LS2/L76/L77/L98 and 6.2 L99/LS3 Engines! Still makes good low down power (in most cases more than factory from 2500rpm) and truckloads of Torque before coming on strong in the midrange and pulling all the way to the limiter at 6600rpm.

Comes complete with top quality PAC Dual Valve Spring Set including new Collets, Retainers and Valve Stem Seals. Also included is Heavy Duty LS Performance Single Row Timing Gear Set, ARP Sprocket Bolt Kit and new GM Crankshaft Bolt. Utilises the factory Push Rods.

This is the biggest Cam we recommend you can go with a Standard Auto without a High Stall.

Has nice Lumpy Idle yet drives like a factory car once underway and unlike bigger Cams has no bucking/surging at low rpm. Super fast linear power delivery between gears, if you want a fast point to point N/A Street Commodore then this is the Cam to do it! Also suitable for Supercharged LS Engines.

Combine this Cam with our XAIR Custom Exhaust and Longtube Headers for the ultimate performing and sounding Street Commodore or Camaro!

With XAIR OTR Intake, Tuned Headers, Exhaust and Dyno Tune this Cam is good for 425-435kw (580hp) on 6.2 LS3/L99 Cars, 410-420kw (560hp) on 6.0 LS2/L77/L98 Cars and 370-385kw (515hp) on 5.7 LS1 Cars.

Note : Full Custom Dyno Tune required and AFM (Active Fuel Management) Engines require additional AFM Delete Kit to be installed.





AFM (Active Fuel Management) Delete Kit for L76, L77, L99 Engines

This kit includes of all GM Performance parts required to accommodate high lift, high performance camshafts when installing in AFM (Active Fuel Management) Engines L76, L77 and L99.

Includes; lifters, lifter buckets, bucket bolts, valley plate, mls head gaskets and head bolts.

Dyno Sheets

2013 VF SS 6.0 L77 with AFM Delete Kit Manual - 329.5 KW at Rear Wheels (412 KW at Engine)


2009 E2 HSV R8 6.2 LS3 Auto - 336.6 KW at Rear Wheels (437 KW at Engine)


2012 VE2 SS Ute 6.0 L77 with AFM Delete Kit Auto - 323.4 KW at Rear Wheels (420 KW at Engine)


2005 VZ SS UTE AUTO - 295.1 KW at Rear Wheels (385 KW at Engine)