McLeod RST 800hp Twin Clutch for Commodore / HSV & Camaro LS Engine - INCLUDES FLYWHEEL

Intended for high-horsepower street fans, the McLeod RST Street Twin clutch kits are economically priced Twin Disc Clutch Kits that come complete with Flywheel

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Able to handle up to 800 hp, the RST Street Twin clutches remain completely street-drivable and the organic lined clutch discs provide smooth engagement with a soft pedal effort only marginally heavier than the Factory Holden Clutch.

Ideal upgrade for your Cammed/Supercharged VT,VX,VY,VZ, early VE Commodore or 5th Gen Camaro with Factory Single Flywheel.

Designed to fit 164, 176, 180, or 184-tooth flywheels. Will not work with factory flywheel if If the center hub of the flywheel is recessed. 

Will also fit other LS Powered cars with Single Flywheel, please contact us with your car model if you are not sure.

Features of the McLeod RST Street Twin clutch kits:

  • Alignment tool included
  • Stock pedal feel
  • Comes as a complete Unit with new Steel Flywheel
  • CNC-machined and anodized flywheel adapter ring
  • Organic disc facing for smooth and even clutch engagement with excellent release qualities
  • Low rotating mass for quick revs
  • Blanchard ground floater with multiple straps to reduce noise for streetability