XAIR Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake for VE/VF & VZ V6 Commodore

  • VE V6 Radiator Cover Surrounds
  • VE1 V6
  • VE1 V6
  • VE1 and VZ V6 Flanged MAF Pipe
  • VE1 V6 with Radiator Cover Surrounds
  • 2012 VE2 SIDI
  • 2012 VE2 SIDI
  • VE2 V6 SIDI with Surrounds
  • VF SIDI with INFILL Panel
  • VZ V6
  • VZ V6
  • VZ V6
  • VZ V6 with Factory Radiator Surround Trimmed to suit
  • VZ V6 with Factory Radiator Surround Trimmed to suit

Cold Air Intake rams cold air into throttle body increasing performance & saving fuel

Model Price USD
VE1 V6 OTR CAI Plastic Plastic $399.00
VE2/VF V6 OTR CAI Plastic Plastic $429.00
VZ V6 OTR CAI Plastic Plastic $399.00
VE1/VE2 & VF Infill Panel Plastic $39.00
XAIR OTR Replacement Green Filter $95.00
Description Freight USD Rural USD
Auckland Region
Whangarei / Hamilton
Up to Whangarei / Down to Hamilton
North Island
Rest of North Island
Christchurch Region
South Island
Rest of South Island
All of Australia
Australia Wide by NZ Post Economy Courier 5-8 working Days
USA Freight

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IP NEW ZEALAND Design Registration No : 413885
IP AUSTRALIA Design Registration No : AU 332403 S

10kw More Power as a bolt on - up to 45kw more with tune on VE2/VF SIDI!

Save money on Fuel - 1 litre/100km, more with a tune!

Factory Look Plastic Finish

Over 60 man hours were put into developing the XAIR OTRCAI for the VE/VF Alloytech V6 powered Commodore. Unique features include flanged neck for direct fitment of the factory flanged MAF.

The Standard VE and VF Kits include Black Powdercoated Alloy Brackets to Tilt the Radiator Back, Breather Line Extension Hose and Attachment Hoses for installing with the MAF.

VE1 Kit 2006-2008 Models only with Separate Flanged MAF. Works as a straight bolt on with or without tuning.

VE2/VF Kit 2011-2017 (MY12 onwards) Models with MAF Pipe as part of the Factory Airbox Top. MAF enters the MAF Pipe from the Side and insert is rectangular shaped (see pictures). OTR Kit is supplied installed with an additional Powdercoated Flange Adaptor plus extra piece of attachment hose & clamps for these cars. Works as a straight bolt on but for best results custom tuning is recommended due to factory tune restrictive power enrichment settings on the SIDI Engines. 

VE 2009 to early 2011 Models. The OTR will NOT WORK with these models, they have the Round Shaped Maf Insert that enters the MAF Pipe from the top and suffer from reversion and run very rich.

VZ Kit 2004-2006. Fits VZ Alloytech with modification/cutting of the plastic on top of the Radiator. Condenser also needs to be pushed inwards towards radiator (see pictures). Note : OTR is a tight fit so can still hit bonnet when closed on VZ. Will require more radiator modifications and a longer attachment hose if using Manifold Spacer and still may not fit so not recommended. Custom Tune recommended but does work as a straight bolt on as well.


These factory looking plastic panels cover the exposed area left in the inner guard when removing the factory airbox.


Also available for VE models are matching Plastic Radiator Cover Surrounds which really finish off the underbonnet appearance nicely.

Note : VF Surrounds are not currently available as the Bonnet Strut hits on the Passenger Side Surround forcing it downwards.


Our Stage 1 260kw Power Upgrade is a proven Package for 2012 onwards (MY12) VE2 & VF with 3.6 SIDI Engines
With just XAIR V6 OTR Intake bolted on and Dyno Tune these all make between 198-202kw at the rear wheels (257-264kw at Engine) plus gain over 25Nm of Torque as well as much Improved Instant Throttle Response.

Below Dyno is a typical example from a 2014 VF SV6.


Depending on driving conditions (exposure to dirt/debris/mud etc) with regular cleaning the XAIR OTR Green Filter should last up to 100000km. Order Replacement Green Filters and Cleaning Kits Separately.