XAIR Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake for VF LSA GEN F HSV

  • Plastic Finish
  • Plastic Finish
  • Plastic Finish
  • Gloss Black with Surrounds
  • Gloss Black with Surrounds
  • Gloss Black with Surrounds
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre with Surrounds
  • Carbon Fibre with Surrounds
  • Carbon Fibre with Surrounds
  • HSV W1 Factory OTR
  • HSV W1 Factory OTR
  • LSA on Walkinshaw VE R8
  • LSA on Walkinshaw VE R8

Cold Air Intake rams cold air into throttle body increasing performance & saving fuel

Model Price USD
VF (GENF / GENF2) LSA OTR CAI Plastic $399.00
VF (GENF / GENF2) LSA OTR CAI Gloss Black $499.00
VF (GENF / GENF2) LSA OTR CAI Carbon Fibre $649.00
VF (GENF / GEN F2) LSA Infill Panel Plastic $39.00
VF (GENF / GENF2) LSA Radiator Cover Surrounds Gloss Black $385.00
VF (GENF / GENF2) LSA Radiator Cover Surrounds Carbon Fibre $545.00
XAIR OTR Replacement Green Filter $95.00
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Auckland Region
Whangarei / Hamilton
Up to Whangarei / Down to Hamilton
North Island
Rest of North Island
Christchurch Region
South Island
Rest of South Island
All of Australia
Australia Wide by NZ Post Economy Courier 5-8 working Days
USA Freight

SUPERCARS SPECIAL!!! $499!!! Available online or at our stand at V8 Supercars Taupo


The XAIR LSA OTR Intake Body is now available in all 3 of our NZ Made OTR Finishes!

Super Tough One Piece Plastic Construction which gives a Factory Part Finish/Look!

Gloss Black Gelcoat for that upmarket/shiny look!

Genuine Carbon Fibre!

Matching Plastic, Gloss Black and Carbon Fibre Infill Panels also available.

Matching LSA Surrounds are now available in Gloss Black and Carbon Fibre for that upmarket/show look that plastic can't provide!

Yes finally a true OTR Cold Air Intake now available for VF LSA Gen F Supercharged V8 Commodores. Also works on VE and VF Holden cars with LSA conversion.

The best and last HSV GTS W1 with LS9 runs a Factory Genuine Carbon Fibre OTR Intake! The XAIR LSA OTR Body is much bigger again plus runs our massive Green Filter so will flow much more again! Get away from the Heat Soaking Factory Airbox in the Engine Bay thats robbing your car of Power especially on warm days!

LSA powered cars traditionally suffer from lag or hesitation off boost when first applying throttle. Instant Throttle Response is created by the Venturi effect top shape of the XAIR OTR Body combined with the large oversized Green Filter. A massive voluime of Cold Air from in front of the Car is rammed/sucked straight through the filter then channelled directly up and around the curved top section creating a Venturi effect and forcing its way into the Throttle Body.

The XAIR OTR has the largest air filter panel on the market, the filter size is 460mm x 180mm which provides more Air Flow than even the biggest Pod Filters as well as supplying much cooler air from in front of the car compared to the superheated air from within the engine bay from the traditional Intake location. Extensive testing and research has proven that the larger the Filter area, the less restriction & servicing required.

The filter brand is Green Filter Europe - Custom Made for XAIR and known to be one of the best in the world (as used on World Rally Cars) and proven to flow substantially more than other brands such as K&N etc. In 99% of applications the Green Filters do not require re-oiling, simply wash with warm soapy water every standard 10,000km or 15,000km Service! Guaranteed for 100,000km! The price on the filter alone is $199.00, this is a top quality filter.

Designed to incorporate/run with the Factory MAF Pipe Element located in place in our custom attachment hose. VF LSA Kit comes complete with Hose Attachment, breather line attachment fitting and Powercoated Brackets to Tilt the Radiator Back.

Note : We utilise the Factory MAF which is removed from the Standard Intake Pipe and is then installed straight into our attachment Hose. However because of the Throttle Body and MAF Pipe angles combined with the MAF being so close to the throttle body we've found a lot of the LSA cars suffer from Reversion so a full Custom Mafless (Speed Density) Tune is recommended.

Note : For Chevy SS Cars running Auto Transmission with LSA Conversion you will need the Low Profile Heat Exchanger Adaptor Bracket

On a standard car we are seeing Gains of 35-40kw when bolted on and Custom Mafless Tuned.

Combine the XAIR OTR with our Overdriven Crank Pulley and HD belt for power gains of 90kw over standard. Add Headers, High Flow Cats and Exhaust for a further 45kw gain. Or Stage 3 Cam package for a further 20kw gain. Lastly Stage 4 Top Pulley package for upto 600kw (See VF LSA Power Packages)

Heat Soak is the LSA enemy. Adding the separate LSA Reservoir gives an additional 12litre capacity which greatly reduces Coolant Temps allowing the ECU to leave more timing in the Engine = more power. This specially built tank sits hidden away in the Cabin Filter recess in the Engine Bay. Adding LSA Lid Spacer, Blower Spacer & Heat Blanket further reduces Heat Soak so these modifications are ideal for any LSA that you're using at the Drags or Track especially with High Boost Package such as our Stage 4. A near new GTSR Auto we fitted with all 4 of these items with our Stage 3 Package made 467kw at the Hubs on the Dyno = 560kw at Engine so a 20kw gain over the normal 540kw we would see out of Stage 3 and best part was its running only 11psi Max Boost.


Initial test Car was a 2014 Auto Gen F HSV GTS. On the stock Power Run on the Dyno it made 318.9 rwkw (415kw at Engine). With XAIR OTR Bolted on and no other Mods it made 336.4 rwkw (437 kw at Engine).

Our next Test Car was a 2016 Auto Gen F2 HSV LSA R8 Test car, Dyno Sheet shows 3 runs,

1) Stock Car - 296kw at the rear wheels (384kw at Engine),

2) XAIR LSA STAGE 1 - LSA OTR Cold Air Intake & Overdriven Crank Pulley with Dyno Tune - 365kw at rear wheels (475kw at Engine),

3) XAIR LSA STAGE 2 - LSA OTR Cold Air Intake, Overdriven Crank Pulley, 1.7/8" Primary Headers, High Flow Cats, Twin 3" Exhaust with Dyno Tune - 412kw at rear wheels (535kw at Engine) - We tuned it to the absolute maximum to see what sort of Power we could extract - see above video for this max power dyno run. For the final tune we brought the power back to just over 400kw at the rear wheels (520kw at the Engine)


The standard VF HSV LSA Supercharged Engine makes boost of around 8.5 psi

The XAIR 18% Overdriven crank pulley steps up the boost to around 13 to 13.5 psi on a stock car with XAIR LSA OTR Intake only. By then adding Big Headers and Twin 3" Exhaust the Boost drops back to 12 to 12.5 psi. Adding the Stage 3 Cam further reduces Boost back to 11 to 11.5 psi.

Kit supplied complete with Replacement Heavy Duty Gates Drive Belt. We've found this is a much better initial Boost Upgrade Kit than decreasing the blower pulley size as these tend to suffer from belt slip using the stock belt.

With a Custom Mafless Tune this is still a good safe set up for your LSA and is the max if running stock injectors and fuel system.


The XAIR Stage 4 Power Upgrade features an upgraded 2.45" ZPE Top Pulley Assembly which further increases Boost back upto 14-15 psi when combined with the 18% Overdriven Crank Pulley plus Larger Pacemaker 2" Primary Headers with 3.5" Outlets into Twin 3" High Flow Cats and Exhaust.

This Ultra Lightweight 10 Bolt Pulley is paired with the ZPE MK II HUB. The Pulley is made from billet 7075-T6 aerospace grade aluminum. Stronger and harder than 6061 T6. This pulley is equipped with GripTec® a micro machining technology which allows the maximum grip force to be applied to the component and belt.


The X-Air High Flow OTRCAI Body has been designed to create a Venturi effect and Ram Cold Air in. Combined with the High Flow Green Filter this means that your car is receiving a lot more volume of cold air than was ever intended.

With the OTR installed because of the Throttle Body and MAF Pipe angles combined with the Factory Maf Pipe being so close to the throttle body we've found the LSA cars suffer from Reversion when the throttle snaps open and shut. For this reason we recommend a custom Mafless Tune be done by a reputable Tuning company. This combined with the XAIR LSA OTR will improve power and throttle response dramatically from standard.


Depending on driving conditions (exposure to dirt/debris/mud etc) with regular cleaning the XAIR OTR Green Filter should last up to 100000km. Order Replacement Green Filters and Cleaning Kits Separately.