ECU Computer Custom Tune for V6 & V8 Holden & HSV Models VE & VF

Custom Tuning of ECU to suit individual modifications for V6 & V8 Holden & HSV Models VE & VF

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The Standard Computer Settings running your VE/VF Commodore V8 Engine are pre-set from the factory to meet a variety of parameters such as emissions and all weather conditions etc at a cost of Power & Torque.

The MAF (Air Flow Meter) combined with the MAP Sensor is used along with a long equation to calculate air density and volume which is used by all aspects of the tune calculation. Speed Density (MAFLESS) removes the airflow meter and soley uses the MAP Sensor for this calculation. They both get tuned independently from each other in the standard GM Holden settings and combined together at the end to improve part throttle driveability/mpg, etc. 

By Custom Tuning the ECU to exact suit your cars Engine and Bolt on Parts/Modifications there are good gains to be had on any standard factory tune that will change the way the car behaves/drives as well as improvements in fuel economy.

VE/VF feature a larger MAF than the earlier VT to VY models and we've designed the XAIR VE/VF OTR Intake to run specifically with the MAF In place. There's generally only a 3-4kw difference between MAFLESS and MAF In Tuning with Bolt on mods such as Intake, Headers & Exhaust. However low speed driveability can be better with the MAF in place so most VE/VF's including some of our Cammed Cars are also Tuned with the MAF in place.

MAFLESS Tuning is done for VE/VF when tuning High Performance Engines with Large Aftermarket Camshafts or Forced Induction. These MAFLESS Tunes take a lot longer to do to as Idle and Cold Start settings need to be custom set to suit. A Mafless tune uses an exact pre-programmed fuel table that does not compensate for Intake or Exhaust changes therefore requires retuning anytime changes are made to the Engine. A separate Air Temp Sensor and Plug In Loom is required for MAFLESS, please order separately.

The XAIR VE/VF OTRCAI High Flow Body has been designed to create a Venturi effect and Ram Cold Air in. Combined with the High Flow Green Filter this means that your car is receiving a lot more volume of cold air than was ever intended hence a lot more power and torque is being made. This is typically at least 20rwkw and 40nm more at the rear wheels than factory. If you feel the car hesitate slightly during heavy acceleration then your car is probably making too much power for the standard settings. To make the most out of the OTRCAI a full MAF or MAFLESS Custom Dyno Tune from us or one of our authorised Tuner/Dealers should be done. Expect much improved throttle response, an additional 15-20kw power gain, more torque plus even better fuel economy over just bolting on the XAIR OTRCAI. On Auto Cars the Trans line pressure is also tightened up slightly improving the speed/firmness of gear changes plus moving shift Gearbox points in Sports Mode and Blipping of the Throttle on downshifts creating a much more engaging drive. We need your car for 2-3 working days for a full  Tune.

On some of the newer VE2/VF AFM (Active Fuel Management) Engine cars the factory Fuel Trim settings are more sensitive so can also be effected by any modifications such as Big Bore Exhausts as well as OTR Intake. These mods by themselves or combined can possibly cause the Fuel Trims to exceed the factory parameters and trigger an engine check light especially doing a lot of open road or motorway cruising. This is another reason to get a custom tune.

Why are HSV's so much more powerful from the Factory with the same Engine?

All VE/VF HSV's have Factory Headers and a better ECU Tune from the factory to suit which is why they're generally 25-30kw more than the equivalent model Holden V8 with the same Capacity Engine. For these reasons generally HSV's will not make the same type of Power gains over factory as the lesser tuned Holden V8's. (See Power Upgrades section which shows gains with individual modifications for each car model).

V6 Engines can also be improved greatly with a Custom Tune. The VE2 and VF 3.6L SIDI Engines have very restrictive Power Enrichment Factory Settings which are modified in the Tune to greatly improve Power & Torque. Maf In Dyno Tune only.

If you are not close to one of our authorised Tuners/Dealers we have Tunes on file from hundreds of other Cars previously done with various modifications. Simply email us your car make/model and year along with a list of modifications/bolt on parts including brands. Courier your Car ECU to us and we will Flash the best Tune into your ECU relevant to your modifications and courier back to you. While not as good as a full custom Dyno Tune a Flash Tune is the next best thing as the ECU is still optimised to suit your various modifications.