• Twin 3" on VF2 LS3 Ute
  • Twin 3" on VF2 LS3 Sedan
  • Twin 3" High Flow Euro 2 Cat Pipes joined to Pacemaker Headers
  • Twin 3" on VF2 LS3 Sedan
  • Twin 3" on VF2 LS3 Sedan
  • Twin 3" on VF2 LS3 Sedan
  • Twin 3" on VE2 Ute
  • Pacemaker Rear Mufflers
  • Pacemaker Rear Mufflers on E3

Twin 3" Free Flow Exhaust System for VE & VF V8 Sedan, Wagon & Ute

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Whangarei / Hamilton
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Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Full Twin 3" Exhaust system with Cross Pipe and Flanged Connections.

Two Choices of Rear Mufflers available with either our XAIR Custom Cannon Free Flow Rear Mufflers with Twin 90mm Exhaust Tips (LOUD) or Pacemaker Free Flow Rear Mufflers (MILD). If you want the Cannon Rear Mufflers then we need your car at our shop as these are custom made for each car. The Exhaust complete with Pacemaker Rear Mufflers are available to order as a Bolt On System yourself. 

These are the ultimate Exhaust Systems for your Holden and HSV VE & VF Sedan, Wagon & Ute.

Attaches directly to the VE/VF Pacemaker 1.7/8"  Primary Longtube Headers via the High Flow Cat Pipes (May 2010 Registered Vehicles onwards) or via the Decat Pipes (Pre May 2010 Vehicles). Also available as a Cat Back bolt on system using the Cat Back Pipes. Please choose from either of the three attachment pipes when ordering.

Fits Holden Commodore VE V8 6.0 L98, L77 + VF2 6.2 LS3 including HSV E1 6.0 LS2 & 6.2 LS3.

By removing the Factory Chrome Exhaust Surrounds on the HSV E2/E3 Sedans The Cannons with our large Twin 90mm Tips will also fit through the Rear Bumper opening.

Cannons can also be supplied without Tips with Y Pipe to suit E2, E3, GENF & GENF 2 6.2 LS3 Sedan with factory Exhaust Tips built into the Rear Bumpers but not recommended for a daily driver as these tend to drone more again than the twin 90mm tips sitting out of the Bumper on the equivalent Holden V8 Sedans. The Pacemaker Rear Mufflers are best for HSV's with Factory Tips built into the Rear Bumpers if you don't want a drone.

Perfect fitment manufactured to very tight tolerances with Flanged Connections ensures this system sits up as high as possible in the tunnel without hanging down so suitable for extremely low vehicles.

XAIR Custom Cannon Free Flow Rear Mufflers have less back pressure creating popping/banging when coming off the throttle adding a distinctive super loud old school V8 sound to your modern V8 Commodore like no other... Shoots Flames at night on overrun on tuned cars! This is the system we use on our own cammed & supercharged cars! Note : Drones at low rpm when fitted to Automatic Ute and Wagon due to open rear area. Will also drone a little in Sedan when the Decat Pipes are used and in some situations may exceed legal DB noise levels.

Pacemaker Rear Mufflers offer a deep V8 Sound without the super loud volume or drone you get from the Cannons. Perfect for family cars or if you want to be a little bit more discreet.

System now comes all coated Black complete with Huge Twin 90mm Stainless Steel Tips as per first picture (Cannon Mufflers) or Twin 75mm Tips (Pacemaker Mufflers). E2/E3 and GENF HSV Mufflers all have pipes that integrate into the Factory Bumper Tips.

Get the most out of your VE/VF V8 Sedan, Wagon or Ute by combining with XAIR OTR Intake, Headers & ECU Tune (see VE/VF Power Packages).