VE/VF Holden V8 X Force Stainless Steel Headers & Cats

X Force VE/VF 6.0/6.2 V8 Polished Stainless Steel Headers & Cats

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Improve the performance and sound of your Holden VE/VF V8.

Polished Stainless Steel Finish looks great under the Bonnet!

Fits all VE & VF Holden and HSV models with 6.0 L98, 6.0 L77, 6.0 LS2 & 6.2 LS3 Engines.

Two different sized Header Sets are available, both come complete with High Flow Catylatic Converters ;

1.3/4" (45mm) Primary with 2.1/2" Outlets - Joins directly to our Twin 2.1/2" VE/VF Mild Steel Cat Back Exhaust creating a deep sound thats not too loud that it will wake up the neighbours. So perfect for cars that are driven everyday as there's no drone and the smaller primary tubes give better low down power and torque off the line.

1.7/8" (48mm) Primary with 3" Outlets. Joins directly to our Twin 3" VE/VF Mild Steel Cat Back Exhaust creating a loud deep sound. Perfect for cars where you're after good midrange and top end power with some real V8 noise however this system may drone a little at low rpm on Auto Sedans. May drone a bit more on Ute & Wagon due to their open rear areas at back. Will make around 5kw more peak power than the 1.3/4" Primary Headers & 2.1/2" Exhaust but with Cam 10-15kw more.

Worth 10-15kw gain on a standard Holden VE/VF V8 with stock manifolds after ECU Re-Tune. Even more on Cammed or Supercharged Cars.