VF HSV LSA V8 Stainless Steel Big Bore Exhaust

Twin 3" Big Bore Exhaust System for VF HSV LSA V8 Sedan, Wagon & Ute

Model Price:
Twin 3" Sedan with Pacemaker Rear Mufflers, Black $2,290.00
Twin 3" Sedan with Cannon Rear Mufflers, Black $2,290.00
Twin 3" Ute with Pacemaker Rear Mufflers, Black $2,290.00
Twin 3" Ute with Cannon Rear Mufflers, Black $2,290.00
Twin 3" Wagon with Pacemaker Rear Mufflers, Black $2,390.00
Twin 3" Wagon with Cannon Rear Mufflers, Black $2,290.00
Twin 3" High Flow Cat Pipes, Black $1,190.00
Twin 3" Cat Back Pipes to join to factory Cats, Black $390.00
Fit HSV LSA Full Twin 3" Exhaust System $390.00
Region Description Freight Rural Delivery
Auckland Auckland Region $55.00 + $20.00
Whangarei / Hamilton Up to Whangarei / Down to Hamilton $95.00 + $30.00
North Island Rest of North Island $125.00 + $30.00
Christchurch Christchurch Region $180.00 + $30.00
South Island Rest of South Island $265.00 + $30.00


Fits HSV VF & VF2 (Gen F & Gen F2) LSA 6.2 Supercharged Sedan, Wagon & Ute.

Sedan and Ute system utilises the factory Exhaust Tips built into the Rear Bumpers. Wagon system has twin Stainless Steel Tips each side.

Stainless Steel Twin 3" Exhaust system all coated black with Cross Pipe includes Euro 2 High Flow Catylatic Converter Pipes which join straight onto both the 1.7/8" and 2" Primary VF LSA Supercharged Pacemaker Headers. Also available as a Cat Back System to directly install onto factory Manifold Cats (Please choose from either High Flow Cat Pipes or Cat Back Pipes when ordering).

Perfect fitment manufactured to very tight tolerances with Flanged Connections ensures this system sits up as high as possible in the tunnel without hanging down so doesn't hit speed bumps etc.

Two Rear Muffler options available with this exhaust - STANDARD (MILD) OR CANNON (LOUD) ;

The Standard Mufflers are great for Auto Sedans and all Wagons/Utes used as an everyday driver. They provide a throaty exhaust note with popping when coming off throttle but deeper and louder than the cackly high pitched small tube factory bi-modal exhaust but still with no drone.

The optional XAIR Cannon Custom Free Flow Rear Mufflers have less back pressure which creates popping/banging when coming off the throttle adding a distinctive super loud old school V8 sound to your LSA HSV like no other... Shoots Flames at night on overrun/throttle lift on tuned cars! Note : May drone a little at low rpm when fitted to Wagon, Ute and Automatic Sedan. In some situations may exceed legal DB noise levels.

Worth up to an additional 30kw of power over standard exhaust with ECU Re-tune. 

Get the most out of your VF HSV LSA Supercharged V8 by combining with XAIR LSA OTR Intake, LSA Headers, LSA Overdriven Crank Pulley & ECU Tune (see VF HSV LSA Power Packages).