2011-2012 VE2 3.6 LFX V6 SIDI

All Stages of Power Packages are based on installing into a STANDARD Car. Every Stage includes all the parts listed including Installation and GST. This is a full Drive in Drive Out Service.

Note : These VE2 3.6 V6 SIDI Cars are all dynoing up stock standard around 180kw (Auto) at the Rear Wheels which is 234kw at Engine, not 210kw at Engine as the Holden Factory quotes. This is the same engine as used in the Cadillac CTS, ATS and Camaro which have a GM factory power output of between 237-241kw depending on the model and year.

Stage 1

XAIR OTR Intake with MAF + Infill Panel Installed More info
Maf In ECU Custom Dyno Tune More info


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